workshop mit ewa justka & lorah pierre

Zeit: 25.6.2015 - 13-19 Uhr (inkl. Pause)

Performance: 20 Uhr


Unkostenbeitrag: 10 €

Teilnehmer: max. 15


Am Donnerstag des 25.6. veranstaltet REM einen Workshop in den Räumen der SPEDITION am Güterbahnhof, in dessen Rahmen die TeilnehmerInnen kleine Synthesizermodule nebst Steuerung via Obst, Licht, Luft oder Liebe unter Anleitung und Beaufsichtigung der Künstlerinnen Ewa Justka und Lorah Pierre bauen. Ewa und Lorah werden gemeinsam mit den TeilnehmerInnen die Ergebnisse des Workshops im Rahmen des Festivalvoreröffnungskonzerts in einer Performance präsentieren. Es sind keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich. Englischkenntnisse sind von Vorteil. Mindestalter ist 14 Jahre. Die Synthesizermodule können anschließend mitgenommen werden.

The workshop will be based on building simple oscillator using conductive pen and glass (no soldering needed!). The participants will be encouraged to experiment with various resistive materials: plants, potentiometers, light dependent resistors or even fungi. By touching/ flashing lights on these materials connected to the circuit participants will produce unpredictable noises!


The workshop will last for 5 h and will be finalized with group performance open to the public.


Lorah Pierre

Lorah operates as a mobile educator and technical demonstrator running workshops in hardware electronics.

Lorahs utilises experimentation within hardware electronics, centred on developing systems that expose technologies chemical and physical properties. feedback, manipulation and hacking results in the sonification and optical realisation of materials.

Lorah has installed and performed work nationally and internationally;[SPACE]/Permacultures, london, UK; Digital festival, brighton, UK; City of Women festival, ljubljana, slovenia; SUPERNORMAL: experimental arts and music festival, oxfordshire, UK; Colour Out of Space: international experimental sound festival, brighton, UK;Rhizome festival, bonn, germany; CTM festival, berlin, germany; Fort Process, newhaven, UK.  


Ewa Justka

Ewa Justka is a polish electronic noise artist, hardware electronics teacher and instruments builder based in London.

Ewa has performed at Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK; Supernormal Festival Oxfordshire, UK, Club Transmediale Festival, Berlin; Exploding Cinema, Goldsmiths College, London, UK; STEIM, Amsterdam, NL; Moving Forest, Chelsea College, London, UK; Colour out of Space, Brighton, UK; Beam Festival, Brunel University, London, UK; Cafe Oto, London, UK and more.


here is a short description of my performance: 

Ewa's Optoelectronic Noise Performance is an audio-visual live transmission of erupting current synchronized with fluorescent, throbbing light. The discordant signals generated by the obsolete electronics abruptly invade the body by surrounding it with dissonant frequencies and corrupted hard techno providing tangible, multi-sensory experience.